In 2017, I submitted a proposal for a logo rebranding project for a company from Rockford, MI called Infrastructure Alternatives. They were looking for a new logo that would provide improved strength, flexibility and legibility, At first, my concepts were rather generic and focused on the letterforms themselves, but it was soon apparent that using graphic elements that pertained to their business would be beneficial. After a few rounds of concepts, a direction was approved and the logo was rolled out for a variety of applications and uses. I also provided a wide variety of visuals displaying how the logo would be applied for different uses and in varying environments, which helped greatly in the review process.
In the spring of 2020, I was asked by my son to develop a logo for use on new merchandise to promote his mashups. He creates music mashups on YouTube and had good success with an older series of merchandise based on an earlier logo I created. The intent of the new logo was to create a fun, colorful summer theme. Since he's attending college in Los Angeles, I took advantage of the palm tree aesthetic and combined it with a contemporary text treatment.
Assorted logo designs developed for a variety of clients and projects.
Developing a logo can often be a process of elimination but it's almost always a matter of personal preferences. Exploring different approaches can determine the first impression and overall tone. The right logo can take as little as five minutes if an idea or vision is clear.  When it's not, a wide variety of approaches may be explored to discover what the best direction is. The selected concepts below are for a single logo project where many different approaches were explored.
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