I'm a seasoned professional. Lightly salted but mostly sweet.

After graduating from the illustration program at Kendall School of Design ('88) in Grand Rapids, MI, my budding interest in both computers and design developed into a great combination of skills that allowed me to ride the wave of the desktop publishing revolution that swept through the publishing and print industry. 
Working with the first versions of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop was thrilling; even if on a black and white display. 
Along the way, I married my college sweetheart, raised three kids and found a variety of ways to use my art skills for a wide array of projects.
I was able learn and develop my skills while exploring new areas such as 3D rendering, animation and eventually web design/development. 
During the last decade and a half, I've worked as full time freelancer, doing work for customers in a wide variety of industries and locations nationwide. As a jack-of-all-trades, you'll find me bouncing between creating presentations, developing branding projects, conceptual renderings, web design,  illustration, social media, video editing, animations, and general design projects. If I have time, I might even dabble with some artificial intelligence tech or experiment with a new app. 
I participated in ArtPrize 2023 with a community-painted paint-by-number and was fortunate to finish in the Top 25 of over 800 entries. It was a great way for me to go back to my art roots and also create an interactive project for hundreds to enjoy.
I still maintain a great degree of interest and passion in what I do and enjoy the process of providing the perfect solution for each of my clients.
Skydiving on my 51st birthday, compliments of my daughter Nicole. She jumped first.
Skydiving on my 51st birthday, compliments of my daughter Nicole. She jumped first.
My support team.
My support team.
In 2023, I participated as an artist in Art Prize and finished in the Top 25. My entry was a 6' x 12' community-painted canvas that involved the contributions of over 1,500 people. Each participant painted a 2" x 3" shape, which resulted in the painting above. For more information and the story behind the project, visit the website here.
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