I was thrilled to participate in ArtPrize 2023 where I created an interactive paint-by-number canvas, called Paint the Calder, that was painted by over 1,500 random attendees! The 6' x 12' canvas depicts the well-known sculpture La Grande Vitesse by Alexander Calder. The project was an homage not only to the sculpture that is so visible in downtown Grand Rapids, but also to my memories of doing paint-by-numbers as a child, combined with wanting to create a truly unique interactive art experience for the event.
To say it was a success is an understatement! Not only did the project finish in the Top 25, I was interviewed on both Fox 17 television and WGVU radio about it. Participation was incredible and the painting was finished ahead of schedule due to enthusiastic participants who lined up to paint a 2" x 3" shape.
The final painting is a vibrant depiction of the Calder sculpture and bears the markings of all who painted. Numbers and shapes of the paint-by-number areas are quite visible. As a final touch, I added Calder's initials and year he finished his sculpture.
As a companion piece, I created a poster (shown below) with the faces of nearly all 1,500 people who participated. The poster serves as an amazing testimony of all who enjoyed a few moments of painting in the lines. 
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